The BRIO MRS team with the support of MSP Corporation has released a new version of a specialized MR-device, and is ready to announce the official market launch

On March 24, the BRIO MRS team presented the new specialized device with pre-installed software of the BRIO Mixed Reality System (MRS) platform, which allows to visualize digital objects, embedding them into the real environment with no dimensional violations, and carry out quality and progress control of construction and installation works.

In the updated version of the device, the team completely redesigned the case, making it more ergonomic and protected. The device withstands long-term operation activity and works under extreme temperatures. It is also protected from dust and water splashes.

The implementation of this ambitious project was made possible by the financial support of MSP Corporation through its affiliated Managing Company «MIR». The 1st financing round was conducted last June, and the overall investment will amount to 160 million rubles for the next 1,5–2 years.

«Investing in the BRIO MRS project is not only business support, but also tangible contribution to the development of the construction industry. With funding from the Corporation this promising technology can bring the process of design and construction to a whole new level. For the company it was vital to receive money in a very short time with minimum financial requirements. The best choice here is an investment loan of the Managing Company “MIR” », – comments the General Director of MSP Corporation Aleksandr Isaevich.

The technological hardware-digital platform BRIO MRS combines innovative technologies of Augmented (AR) and Mixed (MR) Reality, BIM and Precise Positioning. There are no identical solutions in the world with the same functionality as the BRIO MRS platform.

An ordinary tablet or AR glasses don’t have required components, capacity or specialized software, so they can’t do what BRIO MRS can.

The BRIO MRS platform is applicable and relevant for any construction project, designed and build using BIM-technologies.

While visualizing a BIM model on a construction site in real time, the platform allows to:

  • carry out the acceptance of completed works;
  • simplify the process of identifying violations;
  • keep on the schedule;
  • reduce budget on elimination of errors.

It is important to note that BIM (Building Information Modeling) helps to visualize, design and calculate everything before construction process starts. In other words, it is used at the outset of the project. The BRIO MRS platform allows to maintain effectively all processes of design, construction, operation and liquidation of a building at all stages of project life cycle. In fact, it’s a perfect tool which allows to work with BIM regardless of a project stage.

According to the governmental decree №331, from January 1st, 2022, a governmental customer must use a BIM model in capital projects. That order includes both federal and municipal buildings regardless of cost. This factor stimulates promotion and efficient development of the BRIO MRS platform.

Currently, the project is under one-time sales. After the launch of mass production of the device, the BRIO MRS company plans to take the lead of Russian AR and MR market in the construction sector, and operation of industrial and civil facilities.