{{Construction audit and engineering}} from the BRIO Group of Companies is a wide range of services, by ordering which you can prevent and solve a number of problems that inevitably arise in the course of the construction and operation of any type of building.

Monitoring of {{Project Financing}}

{{Construction Audit}} (technical and price audit)

{{Technical and price audi}}t of a project is an independent expert assessment of the economic, technical and technological characteristics of an investment project for a capital construction object at different stages of its life cycle.

In the course of the technical and price audit, we perform:

  • Analysis of the initial permissive, title and project documentation;
  • Analysis of the project budget and estimate documentation;
  • Analysis of construction schedules and periods;
  • Monitoring of budget and contracting implementation;
  • Verification of the intended use of financing;
  • Verification of the fulfillment of technical specifications, preparation of construction documentation for obtaining finding of compliance (FOC) and working at height (WAH);
  • Checking the quality and the amount of work completed;
  • Development of estimate documentation;
  • Analysis of the impact of changes in project decisions on the terms of financing;
  • Verification of the fulfillment of suspensive and additional conditions of credit transactions.

{{Financial and technical supervision (monitoring),}} including preparation of engineering notes

{{Financial and technical monitoring of a project}} is a range of services required to control construction projects. It is provided to the Customer in the form of reasonable and reliable information – Report/Conclusion/Engineering Note at all stages of its implementation for the required reporting period (monthly, quarterly or at the request of the Customer).

In the course of financial and technical supervision, we perform:

  • Analysis of the actual performance of work and financing for the Project;
  • Analysis of capital investments made by the Borrower in the reporting period and since the start of the implementation of the Project;
  • Analysis of the correspondence of actual expenditures to the average market price level;
  • Monitoring of the intended use of funds for the Project;
  • Finalization and approval of the register of payments for the use of funds under the loan agreement;
  • Evaluation of the Contracted Construction Budget;
  • Analysis of the cost of unplanned additional amounts of construction work and verification of their cost in the event of additional amounts of work;
  • Coordination of contracts concluded by the Customer;
  • Verification of the amounts performed and indicated in the acts of work performed for their compliance with the developed design and estimate documentation and for their compliance with the actual performed work at the facility;
  • Control over the fulfillment of the requirements for the contractor in relation to the quality of construction and installation works, structures, products, materials and equipment;
  • Analysis of the actual implementation of the calendar schedules and the project financing schedule;
  • Assessment of the level of technical readiness of the facility;
  • Control over the supply of equipment and materials;
  • Analysis of changes that have occurred during the reporting period (initial permissive, project and estimate documentation and the timing of the project and the impact of the changes on the project budget);
  • Visual inspection of the object that includes photographing and providing photographic materials reflecting the current state of the work process;
  • Monitoring of technical, technological and financial risk factors that have a negative impact on the Project.

Extended {{Banking Support}}

{{The extended banking support service of the project}} is a complex of services for managing financial flows within the company with contractors, accounts of several organizations, financial monitoring and distributed document endorsement, which provides complete transparency of the budget overview of your project.

In the course of extended banking support, we provide:

  • Monitoring, control and management of financial transactions and funds in the accounts of controlled organizations (structural divisions, branches, subsidiaries, as well as contractors that are linked by financial and economic relations);
  • Verification of the compliance of payments made with the terms of the contractual documentation;
  • Analysis of the intended use of funds, including the elimination of the risks of unauthorized spending of funds;
  • Itemized monitoring and multi-level control of budget execution, including control of cash flow, starting with the financing organization and ending with subcontractors, suppliers/manufacturers of materials and equipment;
  • Registration of acceptance of payment orders.

{{Inspection}} of Buildings and Constructions

Firefighter {{Audit}}

{{Fire audit of an object}} is a set of control measures aimed at assessing the compliance of the fire safety conditions at the object, based on the results of which analysis data and an assessment of the impact of the identified comments and inconsistencies are provided with an indication of the identified risk factors (violations/deviations), with a description of the risks generated by them, and also by the Contractor’s recommendations to eliminate the identified deficiencies and risks in order to reduce their negative impact on the operating conditions of the facility.

In the course of the fire audit, we perform:

  • Visual examination of the Facility, in order to determine the conformity of the equipment and materials used by the contractor;
  • Survey and complex tests with the participation of the operating organization to check the operability of the Automatic fire detection (AFD) – as part of the inspected Facility;
  • Analysis of the conformity of the actual amounts, materials and equipment, as well as compliance with the construction technologies;
  • Estimation of the cost of the work performed, in accordance with the working documentation, and the cost of defects identified by the results of the examination of the Facility and requiring elimination (including direct and indirect reduction in the cost of the work performed).

{{Instrumental Inspection}} of Buildings / Constructions

{{Instrumental examination of buildings and constructions}} is a set of works aimed at determining the technical condition of structures and the facility as a whole, as well as determining the possibility of safe operation of buildings and construction.

In the course of the instrumental examination of buildings and structures, we carry out:

  • Collection and analysis of initial data, familiarization with the Object;
  • The work program, agreed with the Customer, with a detailed description of the methods used, as well as the sections for opening and sounding of constructions;
  • Research of the controlled parameters of the foundation soils, building structures, engineering support (equipment, pipelines, electrical networks, etc.), characterizing the performance of the Inspected Object;
  • Sampling and sounding of structures, mainly by non-destructive testing methods;
  • Cameral processing of the results obtained and verification calculations, in order to determine the bearing capacity of individual structures and the building as a whole.

{{Construction Expertise}} of Unfinished Construction

{{Construction expertise of unfinished construction}} is a set of measures aimed at checking the compliance of the documentation with the requirements, whether the actual and design amounts of work coincide, and if there is an overstatement of the construction budget.

The result of the construction expertise of the unfinished construction is the conclusions about the technical condition of the object.

In the course of the construction expertise of construction in progress, we carry out:

  • Research of documents related to the Objects and the results of the work performed;
  • Visual inspection to identify obvious defects;
  • Instrumental research to determine the physical and technical characteristics of structures: thermal conductivity, tightness, etc.;
  • Laboratory research to check the chemical composition, strength, refractoriness.

{{Forensic and Pre-Trial}} Expertise

Forensic examination

{{Forensic construction and technical expertise}} is a study of construction sites and the territory functionally associated with them, in order to obtain information about facts that have evidentiary value in the investigation of administrative, criminal cases, as well as in cases considered by arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction.

The basis for the production of a forensic examination is the determination or resolution of the body, or a person who has the right to appoint a forensic examination.

Pre-trial examination

{{Pre-trial examination}} is carried out in order to resolve conflicts of interest in a pre-trial procedure, or in order to form a package of documents for filing a statement of claim in court, in case of any controversial issues during the execution of a contract, design, technical customer between the customer and the contractor.

Construction {{Control}}

{{Construction control}} is carried out in order to verify the compliance of the work performed with the design documentation, the requirements of technical regulations, the results of engineering surveys and regulatory requirements for the work, as well as the permitted use of the land plot and the restrictions established in accordance with the land and other legislation of the Russian Federation.

In the course of construction control, in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 468 dated June 21, 2010, we carry out the following activities:

  • Verification of the completeness and compliance with the established deadlines for the contractor to fulfill the incoming control and the reliability of documenting its results;
  • Verification of the contractor’s compliance with control measures for compliance with the rules of storage and used products and the reliability of documenting its results;
  • Verification of the completeness and compliance with the established deadlines for the contractor to control the sequence and composition of technological operations for the construction of capital construction facilities and the reliability of documenting its results;
  • Survey of hidden works and intermediate acceptance of erected building structures affecting the safety of the Capital Construction Object, sections of engineering and technical support networks (together with the Contractor);
  • Verification of the compliance of the completed construction of the Object with the requirements of the design and working documentation prepared on its basis, the results of engineering surveys, the requirements of the urban development plan for a land plot, the requirements of technical regulations (together with the Contractor);
  • Other measures for the implementation of construction control provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation and (or) the concluded agreement.

Architectural {{supervision}}

{{Architectural supervision}} is a set of actions of representatives of a design organization, carried out visually and documented, and aimed at determining the compliance of urban planning, architectural and planning, artistic, technological and environmental solutions and actions carried out by the contractor in the process of erecting a construction object, decisions adopted in the working design of the construction object.

In the course of the architectural supervision, we carry out the following activities:

  • Verification and control of the compliance of the work performed with the design and working drawings at each stage of the Project implementation;
  • Quality control of construction and installation works;
  • Exclusion of deviations from the accepted design, architectural and construction, technical and other requirements from the agreed design and working documentation;
  • Participation in the acceptance of completed construction and installation works;
  • Verification, approval and signing of executive and technical documentation;
  • Coordination and introduction of timely changes and additions to design solutions;
  • Keeping a journal of architectural supervision of construction in accordance with the requirements of the SP 11-110-99 “Designer supervision of the construction of buildings and structures”

{{Calculation of the estimated cost of}} construction

{{Calculation of the estimated cost of construction}} is the process of determining the reliable and justified cost of building an object, developed in the form of a consolidated estimate, taking into account the necessary and sufficient funds for implementation.

In the course of calculating the estimated cost of construction, we carry out the following activities:

  • Drawing up estimate documentation, consisting of local estimate calculations/local estimates, object estimate calculations/object estimates, estimate calculations for certain types of costs, summary estimate calculations of the cost of construction (repairs);
  • Calculation of the cost both with the use of estimated regulatory bases and with the use of commercial/contractual prices.

Development of {{Methodologies}}

{{Methodological support}} and consultation of the main processes for the implementation of investment projects at all stages of its implementation is carried out in order to optimize costs.

In the course of the service for the development of methodologies, we carry out the following activities:

  • Assistance in the formation of the investment budget of the Project;
  • Development of strategic plans and roadmaps, recommendations for optimizing design solutions;
  • Development of a strategy for the selection of the main participants in construction and design;
  • Providing consultation services and assistance in supporting the investment project;
  • Optimization of construction monitoring processes and control over the expenditure of funds within the life phase of the Project;
  • Optimization of the investment budget of the Project.

Technological {{Expertise}}

{{Technological expertise}} is carried out in order to assess the project risks associated with the technological process of manufacturing products at various stages of the project life cycle. It helps to assess the feasibility of the indicators laid down in the financial and economic modeling of the project and, as a result, the indicators of its payback. This service allows you to identify and “expand” the “bottlenecks” of the technological process, as well as to assess the capital costs of technological equipment at the pre-investment stage.

In the course of performing technological expertise services, we carry out the following activities:

  • Analysis of the approbation of technologies, equipment planned for use;
  • Analysis of the completeness of equipment to reach the planned capacity;
  • Analysis of the power of the equipment as a whole and individual units;
  • Verification of the compliance of the adopted technical and technological solutions with the declared capacity of the project;
  • Identification and assessment of “bottlenecks” in the technological process;
  • Analysis of the cost and terms of supply contracts.

Accompanying the Process of Formation of {{Executive Documentation}}

Maintenance of the process of formation of executive documentation is carried out in order to ensure the final provision of work in accordance with design solutions and technical regulations.

Executive documentation (ED) in construction is text and graphic materials that describe the main stages of construction, the actual implementation of design solutions, the position of objects, as well as their elements in the process of construction, reconstruction, repair, etc.

In the course of accompanying the process of forming executive documentation, we prepare a complete package of documents that meets all the requirements and standards, including:

Documentation that applies to the entire facility as a whole – a list of responsible persons and organizations involved in construction, permits for construction participants and a general work log; Acceptance documentation for the construction object (by project sections) – executive documentation, documentation of subcontractors, executive project documentation and changes made to the working project.

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