BRIO MRS platform unveiled at Digital Industry Forum 2019

On November 29, the Hypercube venue hosted the International Industry Digitalization Forum – Digital Industry Forum 2019, which brought together more than 1000 delegates, heads of industrial companies, IT businesses, startups and government officials.

The key objective of the forum is the creation of a platform for effective communication between the state and business, customers of digitalization and its performers.

The Digital Industry Forum includes an exhibition of digital solutions, speeches by industry experts and opinion leaders from the public sector, industrial and technology companies, and a pitch session of digital startups.

According to objective estimates, the forum became one of the most representative regarding speakers and participants, the main topic of which was the introduction of digital technologies in the industry and their effectiveness.

So, the Deputy Director of the BRIO Group of Companies, Katarina Aleksandrovna Figueroa Okorio, made a report on the topic “Effective use of Mixed Reality in industry using the BRIO MRS platform”, where she revealed the main problems of digitalization of the industrial sector, ways to solve them, by introducing a technological hardware and software platform The BRIO Mixed Reality System (BRIO MRS), and indeed demonstrated the use of innovative mixed reality technology. On behalf of the team, we thank the organizers of the forum for the invitation to participate in the business program as a speaker, as well as for effective interaction and the exchange of professional experience.