Fensma Construction Company digitizes the construction industry with the MR platform BRIO MRS

The level of implementation of digital technologies in construction has always been lower than in other industries. Anyway, the digitalization of the industry is inevitable. The sooner this happens, the sooner the industry will get results. Moreover, the experience of working during the pandemic has enhanced this tendency.

Today, Fensma Construction Company works ahead of the others, implementing “know-how” in construction processes.

New technologies allow not only automate all stages of a project’s construction from design to operation, but, in general, make adjustments in business processes, having positive impact on quality of the commissioned project, saving money and reducing labor costs.

Thanks to the deep basic knowledge and vast experience of Fensma specialists in the field of design and urban construction, the team is able to solve problems of any complexity, and quickly adapt to the current pace of development.

Fensma implemented the MR platform BRIO Mixed Reality System (MRS) at the construction project of the innovative Atomic Energy Pavilion at VDNKh. The platform is a tool for visualization of a BIM model in order to carry out detailed planning, quality control, and observe the progress of construction works.

The key feature of the BRIO MRS platform is Mixed Reality technology that ensures correct integration of digital objects into the real world without dimensional distortions.

MR platform BRIO MRS allows to take BIM to nature and give builders an opportunity to identify collisions, send, consider and approve models, drawings and project plans, as well as monitor the progress.

In addition, the platform allows to meet deadlines, avoid costly mistakes on the construction site, and commission projects with high quality and according to all safety standards.

Furthermore, the solution provides 4D/5D graphics with illustrations and visualization of forthcoming works on site. The BRIO MRS platform is a tool for loading management systems with up-to-date and reliable data from the construction site, and it also enables to manage effective cooperation among all participants of the process.

We would like to thank the multibusiness construction company Fensma for the high level of professionalism, efficient work and trust in our breakthrough solution – the MR platform BRIO MRS for construction.