BRIO MRS is at Forum.Digital Smart City

Today, in Russia we can witness a problem of so called «inequality», when big-city residents make active use of the Internet and other technologies, while in a number of small towns people are far from digitization. Big cities’ experience points to the fact that digitization is vital for solving urgent social and economic problems. In this vein, rapidly growing «smart city» technologies play an important role. Moreover, there are leaders of the industry, who demonstrate innovative solutions that can solve a range of problems.

Recently, a digital forum «Forum. Digital Smart City» took place at the innovation and education center «Technograd» in Moscow.

«Forum.Digital Smart City» is a meeting platform for representatives of governmental organizations, digital firms and the industry players, which gives an opportunity to present the industry leaders’ innovative solutions, and for startup projects – to find investors and potential partners.

Multi-format is the core feature of the forum: participants and visitors had pitch sessions, panel discussions and a plenary meeting.

The prospects of building a «smart city», innovations for the urban environment, intelligent systems of public security and ecological safety, the communication network, «smart Housing and Public Utilities» and «smart Urban Transport» –  all these topics were under discussion at the event.

CEO of the BRIO MRS Company Aleksey Kislukhin also took part in the forum with a report on «Building an end-to-end business process for construction management using Mixed and Augmented Reality technologies».

In the speech Mr. Kislukhin described the current situation in the construction industry, demonstrated technologies allowing to digitize the construction sector, which is relevant due to COVID-19, revealed the industry’s key problems and ways of their solution with the help of the «end-to-end business process» approach and implementation of the BRIO MRS platform.

The Russian-made platform for MR and AR BRIO MRS allows to visualize a BIM model and digital objects embedding them into the real environment without any spatial violations, and to work with the Construction management system in real time.

The BRIO MRS platform carries out a fundamentally different business processes and significantly improves the efficiency of already existing ones.

On behalf of our team we thank the Digital Economy Development Fund for the invitation to take part in the business program as a speaker, as well as for the fruitful interaction and the professional exchange.