STOD, OOO (LLC) Oriented Strand Board Production Plant

Plant characteristic:

STOD, OOO is a plant for the production of oriented strand not grooved and grooved boards (OSB).

Design capacity of products: 450 thousand cubic meters and 50 thousand cubic meters per year, respectively.

The volume of processed raw materials (round timber of coniferous and deciduous species 1-3 grades): 1003.38 thousand cubic meters per year.

Processing Line: Dieffenbacher

Total plot area: 48.16 hect

Total building area: more than 123 016.96 square meters.

Basic tasks set by Customer

Optimization of structures, buildings and premises of the plant in relation to the production line.

Ensuring convenience, safety, environmental friendliness, as well as saving money during the further operation of the premises of the facility and the production line.


The maximum reduction in the intersection of building structures and technological equipment due to the provision of the Green Line, which significantly accelerated the installation and commissioning processes.

Optimization of the flow of thermal energy produced in the technological process, due to its partial direction for heating buildings, premises of the plant and generating electricity for industrial needs.

Leading process fire extinguishing directly to mounted conveyors or equipment installations.

Optimization of routes for laying engineering networks for the life support of buildings and engineering networks for technological equipment through the use of three-dimensional modeling methods.

Thanks to active interaction with the manufacturer of the production line, additional construction costs were avoided.

Services / {{Solutions}}:

Engineering survey

Engineering Design

Field supervision with constant support of the project directly at the construction site

Financial and technical audit

Construction compliance monitoring