The founder of the Group of companies BRIO spoke with TASS about the BRIO MRS platform and more

Not so long ago, the founder of the Group of companies BRIO, Mr. Ilnur Kharisov, told the Russian news agency TASS in his interview, how the mixed reality platform BRIO MRS, loaded into the tablet, helps to manage design, construction and operation processes of buildings.

In 2017, after seeing new trends in building design, Ilnur decided to develop his first IT product. Today, the BRIO MRS platform is one of the key products of the Group of companies BRIO. This solution helps to visualize 3D drawings directly on the construction site.

Technically, it works like this: the data from the hardware part of the platform, together with the data of the positioning system and the BIM project, is transmitted into a specialized tablet with a stereo camera, where digital and real content are combined.

Using the tablet at the construction site, the user points the stereo camera at a QR-code to attach to a specific area. Then, the whole picture of the designed project is displayed on the device in real time – architectural and structural solutions, engineering equipment, engineering and technical support networks, and so on.

All data is synchronized with the software part of the platform to give the user the opportunity to make adjustments directly on a construction site or at an object of operation.

As a result, it creates an improved design model of the construction project in the software part of the platform, which goes straight into the BIM project and transforms into design documentation automatically.

Read about the experience, mistakes, IT technologies in design, MR and the company’s growth plan in the full interview on the portal of the TASS news agency.