The BRIO MRS platform in the final of the EngineeringTech track of the Moscow Accelerator

On May, 14 the Demo Day of the EngineeringTech track of the Moscow Accelerator was held in online and offline format for the first time in a while. It focused on innovative approaches to the development and implementation of IT products in industrial engineering.

High-technology startups and companies in the field of construction technologies, which projects are aimed at efficient construction management and engineering data processing, were invited to participate in the track with the support of the National Engineering Corporation and the Dassault Systemes company.

The participants presented complex and high-tech solutions in the following areas: “Digital solutions in industrial engineering”, “Digital monitoring”, “Digital document and data management”.

The EngineeringTech track of the Moscow Accelerator provides great opportunities for product development and promotion. These are: financing from leading funds and a pilot project with a corporate partner of the program, effective networking from the track’s industry partners and expert support from top IT specialists.

Aleksey Kislukhin, the CEO of BRIO MRS, presented the technological hardware-digital platform BRIO Mixed Reality System (MRS) in the final of the track.

Combining the innovative technologies of Mixed Reality (MR), BIM technology and Precise Positioning, the solution is a unique tool for visualizing and working with a BIM model directly on a construction site in real time.

The platform allows to manage efficiently the construction process by making early detection of collisions, meeting deadlines of construction works, carrying out a “plan-fact” analysis, as well as sharing up-to-date information between the office and the construction site.

The BRIO MRS team was glad to be a part of this event that demonstrated a huge potential of Russian IT companies in the development of innovative products in the field of construction and engineering.