MR ready to be implemented at a construction site in Dubai

What do you imagine when you hear about the United Arab Emirates (UAE)?

Of course, these are the highest skyscrapers, giant shopping centers and the legendary man-made islands.

The construction industry in the UAE is currently one of the highest priority areas of business, thus the construction sector of the Emirates is operating at full capacity, with emphasis on a number of large megaprojects and an increase in social infrastructure.

Given the extensive construction plans, companies in the United Arab Emirates that are directly involved in the construction, architecture and design of buildings, as well as specialists in this field are now in high demand. In turn, the country offers excellent business opportunities: tax-free jurisdiction, investment protection, a stable economy and the absence of corruption.

So, on December 4-6, 2018, we held meetings with potential customers and representatives of the construction industry in Dubai, where we discussed the problems of the sphere, features and new opportunities. The mixed reality platform for the construction of the BRIO MRS and its implementation on construction sites in the UAE was in the center of attention. Turns out, there are problems that our platform can solve.