MR platform BRIO MRS is a Russian stage finalist of the Russian-Chinese technological competition MIC- Zhongguancun

The world community has long considered China the workshop of the world. Today, the Celestial Empire is rapidly transforming into the world’s laboratory, taking a significant place in the global economy for creating and developing innovative products and services. The key moment for keeping that high position is the process of exchanging experience, or, as they say, “applying the idea of best practices”.

With the assistance of Moscow Innovation Cluster and Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow, the Russian-Chinese technological competition MIC- Zhongguancun began its work in May. On the Chinese side the representative of the competition was the high-tech Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park. The Russian-Chinese technological competition is intended to promote, implement and scale technological projects in the markets of Russia and China on a regular basis.

This year, more than 700 applications were submitted for participation – 351 from Russian IT companies, the rest from China. The projects were selected in the following areas: “Software”, “Industry 4.0”, “Hardware”, “New energy sources and new materials”, “Medicine and Healthcare”, “Sports, Tourism and Creative Industries”.

The competition is exactly the kind of platform that gives a unique opportunity for scaling the project to the Chinese market, creating new business communication and contracting with Chinese customers, in addition to winning a cash prize and attracting investments into the development of the product.

In July, the BRIO MRS company, on behalf of CEO Alexey Kislukhin, presented a MR platform BRIO MRS in the “Industry 4.0” track.

The solution allows you to bring BIM design to nature, and provides an opportunity for builders to plan in detail and effectively monitor the progress of construction and installation works.

Using the BRIO MRS platform, builders can promptly identify deviations and eliminate violations, as well as quickly transfer up-to-date and reliable data from the construction site. Our solution is a universal tool for monitoring the construction process and solving problems of any complexity.

We would like to thank the organizers of the contest for the opportunity to boost the project in the acceleration program, as well as showcase the solution and receive feedback from experts of the largest Russian and Chinese companies.