Typically, in board production (chipboard, OSB, plywood production), the generated waste wood is recycled or processed, the maximum consumption of which occurs in the winter, and in the summer we observe a huge decline, since the need for thermal energy decreases sharply.

But the volume of arising wood waste remains unchanged, as a result of which there is a problem of their storage, significant areas are needed.

At the same time, companies incur enormous costs for the purchase or manufacture of a lining beam (solid wood or assembled) used at the time of packaging of the finished product.


Unique technological equipment will help to solve this problem – the Automatic line for the production of timber and drafts.

This line is intended for the production of pressed beams or drafts from waste from wood processing industries and thermosetting resins.

The key advantage is that the installation has a high degree of automation and is mounted in a 40-foot container, which eliminates the need for a large number of staff and significant production facilities.



  • Beam characteristics at a density of 650-700 kg / m3:
  • • R for compression – not less than 70 kg / cm2;
  • • R for compression after water saturation for 1 day – at least 29 kg / cm2;
  • • Water resistance coefficient – 0.39.


A variety of small wood wastes from plywood production, secondary wood raw materials, etc.

Raw material consumption for the production of 1 m3 of timber (for a density of 500 kg / m3 *):

  • Wood: 441 kg
  • Urea-formaldehyde adhesive: 88.2 kg
  • Hardener: 0.9 kg
  • Water: 7.8 kg


Power: 38 kW

* possible density up to 800 kg / m3, depends on the ratio of the starting components and processing modes

Fundamental difference from the lines of competitors:

  • High performance with small production facilities;
  • High degree of automation;
  • Economical effect.

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