CES-2019. Demonstrating a tablet, helmet-2.0 and our proprietary tracking system

January 8 – 11, 2019, the largest international technology exhibition – International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held in Las Vegas.

CES 2019 is a major event, a huge area of ​​172,892 square meters, 4400 participating companies and 180,000 visitors. Here, visitors to the exhibition and journalists will be shown high-tech devices from both the world’s leading IT corporations and small startups with prototypes of future projects.

This exhibition was best remembered for unusual devices, however, even before the official part, many corporations managed to make several important announcements.

Our team introduced to the participants and visitors of the event the second generation of the MR helmet and tablet, which allows you to visualize the BIM project at the construction site in real time and our own developed tracking system BRIO RTS, which allows you to achieve the desired accuracy and by tracking the movements of personnel and cargo, increase productivity labor and production rates, reduce injuries and increase the overall efficiency of employees.