BRIO MRS takes an active part in ISP

Considering the current situation with pandemic and sanctions there is an urgent need to support and promote home manufacturers to the domestic market.

Not long time ago the import substitution was only about «polish apples» and other food products. Today, this process has affected the IT sector, which allows both to develop the domestic market of technologies, and ensure internal security.

On December 14-18, 2020 under the Import Substitution Program and adoption of Russian technologies, Rosneft Oil Company PJSC held a virtual exhibition of domestic IT solutions ROSNEFT PITCH DAY 2020.

The exhibition presented 80 IT companies and 120 technological solutions. It should be noted that the event of such scale is being held at Rosneft for the first time.

The use of Industry 4.0 technologies — the Internet of Things, Blockchain, Big Data, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality for managing and optimizing processes in the oil-and-gas industry are still a subject for discussion, which attracts key audience to solve current issues.

The core topics of ROSNEFT PITCH DAY 2020 has become the automation processes of geologic exploration, mining, drilling and development activities; supply management and logistics, and monitoring systems.

During the online exhibition the BRIO MRS team once again has successfully demonstrated the Mixed and Augmented reality platform BRIO MRS, showing the technologies’ flexibility and potential in the oil-and-gas industry. The platform provoked interest of a wide range of experts and heads of Rosneft’s divisions.

We thank Rosneft Oil Company PJSC and IT integrator Sibintek for the opportunity to be a part of ROSNEFT PITCH DAY 2020. We believe that this platform will help to actively promote domestic products to the IT market.